Ultimate Blue Pitbulls Acting Out on Video produced by Don Guerrieri at HardRockBullys

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Updated 8/15/2016


HardRockBullys Don Guerrieri play Eddie Van Halen Eruption on EVH Frankenstrat guitar with Pitbull



Published on Aug 14, 2016

Hello this is Don Guerrieri the man behind HardRockBullys with Mr Crawley an American Bully Blue Nose Pitbull. This may show why I use the music themes and my UKC United Kennel Club registered American Pit Bull Terriers have names within songs. In this, Mr Crawley and I are jamming with an Eddie Van Halen EVH Frankenstrat guitar made by Fender but Relic by Judah Guitars. We are jamming on Van Halen Eruption and a little extra solo I put together. I know its not perfect on this take but it is a nice interaction between me and Mr Crawley. He is such a sweet lovable boy!!!!




HardRockBullys presents UltimateBluePitbulls Scrapbook from 2006 - 2008 



This is HardRockBullys.com beginning under the umbrella of UltimateBluePitbulls.com

I Don Guerrieri (HardRockBullys) became a part of UltimateBlues owned by Kim Taylor back in 2006. I didn’t have any American Bully Pitbulls before that. It was a big learning experience in everything to do with running a kennel such as feeding, cleaning, medicating, breeding, birthing, raising, training, playing, showing, and loving each of these loveable Bully Pitbulls with their own personality and character. I was with Ultimate Blues from 2006 to 2012. When I became a part Ultimate Blues in 2006 it was already well established with popular Bullys and being a well known kennel. I’m very thankful to have had to opportunity to be a part during this time. I was taught a lot and gained lots of experience along with the fun of enjoying all of the doggies there. I quickly started getting a few of my own UKC papered Bullies to take care of with all the rest. I was an amateur photographer at that time so I learned a lot on how to make the dogs look their best. I had a degree in programming and also years of experience in construction work so occasionally my background came in handy with constructing and improving kennels and puppy raising kennels along with automatic waters, website work, graphics, and marketing, etc.
When I started back in 2006 I took a lot of pictures and videos at the home of Ultimate Blue Pitbulls along with at the dog shows. To date now in 2016 I have over 48,000 Pit Bull pictures I have taken along with hours of video footage. So in 2008 I decided to put a fun video together of lots of different things which I called the UltimateBlues Scrapbook. It has a little over 32 American Bully Pitbulls. These were the ones owned by Ultimate Blue Pitbulls in the video: Biggie, Quake (RIP), Villian(RIP), The Bouncer(RIP -2015), Ice (RIP), Sexy(RIP), Oreo(RIP), Brix, Rumba, Gigi(RIP), Hollywood (as a young boy, Pigi, Sweetness, Tazz(RIP), Lil Sug, Harley(RIP), Sweetness, Sumo, Bronzer, Sugaree, Stax(RIP), Head Honcho(RIP) Halfpint, Mr. Grimm, Lucy Lou, and Mya. Produced by Ultimate Blues: Thug, Apollo, Cup Cake, and Fatz. And Owned by HardRockBullys: Sledge(RIP), Hollywood(RIP), Crazy Train(RIP), Iceman, Tsunami(RIP) and Tricky(RIP). My heart and tears go out to all of the ones that Rest In Peace. I spent time with each and every one of them. Some of them without the RIP may have passed also its only the ones I know that pastI listed. Looking back its puts a smile on my face thinking of each of them and also makes me sad for missing them. I have to think it was special to be able to be a part of each of their lives!
At this time in 2016 as HardRockBullys.com I have 18 American Bully Pitbulls where 15 of them have blood that goes back to the early Ultimate Blues. Most of them have the infamous BOUNCER blood which also has QUAKE and BIGGIE and goes back to Short Shot and Diamond. I have some with 3 X BOUNCER. I also have to say I had some extra special feelings for THE BOUNCER and his granddaddy BIGGIE!
So here it is Ultimate Blues Scrapbook and I hope you enjoy it and I hope some of you get to see ancestors for some of your own American Bully Pitbull family members.
On a side note I think I have to be one of the top 20 people to open the most 50 pound dog food bags in their life. And I’m still opening them! LOL
The phone number at the end of the video is old. The new number for UltimateBluePitbulls.com is 423-637-0386.
The number for HardRockBullys.com is 770-633-0294




American Bully blue nose pitbull puppies eating for the first time at 3 1/2 weeks old. They were born on 12/5/2014. These are Hardrockbullys.com Mr Crawley and Ladee Wor Black puppies. The cute and funny video is 7 minutes of these chunky bully pit bull puppies eating, whining, staggering, climbing, pushing, kicking, licking, etc. They act like they never ate before! Well they haven't. They have only been milking from the mom. They are eating an Ol'Roy Filet Mignon Flavor dog food with Ultra 24 Multi-species milk replacer mixed in warm water. I get the can dog food at Walmart and the milk replacer at Tractor Supply.


American Bully blue nose pitbull puppies milking only a few hours after birth. They were born on 12/5/2014. These are Mr Crawley and Ladee Wor Black puppies. The cute and funny video is 8 minutes of these chunky aggressive puppies milking, whining, staggering, falling over, climbing, kicking, etc. The video is long but gives the viewer of interest an opportunity to see the thick muscular structures. Observe their heads, shoulders, rear leg and tail thickness. The mother isn't as bully as the rest of my female pit bulls however, Mr Crawley always throws massive pups that grow up to be thick short dogs. There are 2 blue males, 1 blue female, 2 black males, and 1 black TRINDLE male. Mr Crawley has reached 108 lbs at 16" to the wither. I'm guessing Ladee's weight at around 50lbs. Both are UKC Purple Ribbon registered.





This American Bully / Pitbull video has MR CRAWLEY taking on the


It is very funny with his hilarioushich comments. 

Also, don't miss the Bloopers at the end ov the video.

This video was taken on 9/2/2014.



This is me Don Guerrieri owner of HardRockBullys taking on the


See who I challenge next.

This video was taken on 8/23/2014.C




This American Bully / Pitbull video has LIL MIZ DANGEROUS

which is the mother to LIL TATTOO which is the mother to the blue female.

This video was taken on 4/26/2014.




This American Bully / Pitbull video has Cherry Pie and her remaining 2 puppies from Mr Crawley.

There is a male and a female. The female has the longer white sock on her left front leg.


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Most of my American Bully Pitbulls shipped across the US and sometimes out of the country. Of course people come pick them up too and I have had customer ask if they can be delivered. Well I have a 2000 Corvette with 500hp at the rear wheels. I usually do not spin the tires because they are expensive. But during this time I was about to purchase new tires so it didn't matter if they lost a little more rubber. So originally I just wanted some video of my car. After I had the video of my car I thought to make a skit out of the footage and that's where I came up with the silly idea of Pitbull Puppy Speedy Delivery. So it turned out to be funny video with some cool footage of my Corvette. With a cam and a super exhaust system the car sounds awesome.